Back From a Long Honeymoon. :)

One of the many things I love about Scotland is how different the landscape is from place to place. So Mr. May and I chose to spend our honeymoon in the beautiful Outer Hebrides.

elizabeth_may_outer_hebrides2The Outer Hebrides is a remote island chain in the north of Scotland, and one of the few remaining places where Scottish Gaelic is still predominantly spoken (tha mi ga h-ionnsachadh, ach chan eil mi ro mhath air bruidhinn Gàidhlig). We visited 8 islands on this trip — unfortunately not all of which I got pictures of — and spent 10 beautiful days exploring.

We arrived to stormy seas, rain and high speed wind, courtesy of Hurricane Bertha. But Mr. May and I have grown accustomed to the uncertainty of the weather in the Scottish isles and came prepared with waterproof necessities.

elizabeth_may_outer_hebrides4We hiked the coastal cliffs of Lewis, the hills of Harris, and around the white sand beaches of North Uist, and the lovely lochs of South Uist. Both in storms and in sunshine, we covered almost 50 miles of rough terrain on our feet, through some of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever seen.

elizabeth_may_outer_hebridesEven in the distant Western Isles, we saw so much passionate debate around the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. There was evidence for it everywhere — in shop fronts, house signs, billboards on cliff sides, scrawls on beaches.

elizabeth_may_outer_hebrides3It’s such a unique time to be travelling in Scotland, to see the country nearing such a decisive, historical vote on its future as a nation and to see the passion for it in every corner of its landscape.

To the wonderful people we met in the Outer Hebrides who offered us wonderful conversation, food, and company: Tapadh leibh! <3

xx Elizabeth May