NEW BOOK DEAL: Seven Devils

Hi, friends! It’s been a while and I have a few things to catch up on, but the most important one is . . .


I sold the feminist space opera that I co-wrote with my best buddy Laura Lam, and I’m super excited to finally share the details about SEVEN DEVILS with you!

I’m delighted to be working again with Gollancz, who published The Falconer series in the UK, and with DAW Books in the US, who published many, many of my favourite fantasy authors and novels.

A few things:

1). This is not a YA duology; this is very much adult, with adult characters. However, if you’ve read my books The Vanishing Throne and The Fallen Kingdom (which are both more mature than The Falconer) then these will be fine for you. They’re just more swear-y.

2). Right now this book has a release date of Summer 2019, but release dates are subject to change. They’re not set in stone. This one definitely won’t be.

3). Yes, I’m still planning on writing more YA, but this one sunk its claws in me and wouldn’t let go!

4). The Florence + The Machine song title is a coincidence, but it’s a great song.




More later, much love,