Download a Sneak Peek of THE FALCONER on your E-book Reader!

Hello hello! I’m so excited with the news that my US publisher Chronicle Books put together a wonderful sneak preview of The Falconer‘s first 7 chapters that you can download onto your e-book reader! They’ve made it available on all major e-book platforms:



Google Play


So definitely give it a read and see what you think! If you do end up liking it, will you consider giving it a preorder? Preorders are wonderful things for authors and count toward first week sales, and give us a better chance if winding up in your favourite store. If you want to support your local brick-and-mortar bookshop, you can preorder through the shop. You can also preorder through any internet retailer (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc). You’ll also have my eternal gratitude. 🙂

TheFalconer_FB_preorder (3)