In Which I Graduate With My PhD

Technically, I became a Doctor the moment I completed all my degree qualifications and was approved to graduate, which happened a some months back. But there’s something so final about wearing the gown and having that PhD hood placed around my neck during the ceremony. I admit, after so many years of work (and, yes, crying and frustration and lack of sleep and and and), it equals the sense of accomplishment and delight I felt when The Falconer was published. It was grand.

grad gown

This robe was so lovely to wear. St Andrews doesn’t do graduation caps, so instead, PhD students have the blue robes and the coloured hoods. This is probably the only time I’ll ever get wear mine, so there were many, many, many photos. Here’s the front:


My parents flew in from the US for the week, and my husband was there, and we all had such a great time drinking champaign and eating desserts after the ceremony in the (of course!) wet Scottish weather. Plus all the well-wishes and congrats was just wonderful. This is definitely a highlight of all the years I’ve spent in this beautiful country working toward this day.

Here I am twirling in the robe (it is VERY twirl-able. 😀 ) in celebration:


Since I’m feeling terribly sentimental (and graduation has momentarily washed away the stress of the PhD), I think sometimes I’ll miss walking through these gates:


Au revoir, St As! 🙂

xx Elizabeth