Internet “Detox” Update: Week 4 / A month in sum

Good morning! Here are my stats for this week. 🙂

Books read – 2

A bit of a slow reading week, since the book I’ve been immersed in for the last five days is a history book, and one that’s pretty in-depth. I admire reviewers who can pick up and put down multiple works, because I can’t really juggle books like that. One at a time for me. So this week I finished:

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (I needed a funny book after reading Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses last week, since it broke my heart into tiny pieces)

Women Warriors of WWII by Jeanette B. Reid (Research for Garden Book)


Words written – 20,855

But it was a damn good writing week. I’m really proud of that wordcount, and most of the words are good words.

I’m also back on Twitter this week to save it from deletion. Like all my other social media accounts, I’ve limited myself to 15 mins a day on my mobile + the 2 hrs in the mornings on the PC. I didn’t miss the noise, so I probably won’t be as involved as I once was; just one or two tweets a day as an update.


A Month in Sum

It’s been an excellent month. It really has. I feel so much calmer, more focused and dedicated to my work, and I’m going to keep at this. I’d like to keep updating here on my progress every week, but if I don’t, then I’ll do another update at the end of March.

Here are my 4-Week stats:


Books Read – 17

Considering how much writing I’ve been doing, the fact that I read 17 books in the last 4 weeks feels like such a wonderful accomplishment. Reading is a great “palate cleanser” as I write, and I doubt I would be nearly so relaxed if it hadn’t been for the amazing books I’ve finished this month. I find reading is every bit as important to the creative process as making more words.


Words Written – 67,396

HOLY CATS. I literally just calculated that right now and I’m staring at it slack-jawed. HOLY CATS.

Yep, I’m definitely doing this again next month. Until next time, readers!