Internet “Detox” Week 3

Hello, all! Here are my stats for this week:


Books read – 3

Stardust by Neil Gaiman
Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman
Luftwaffe Over Scotland: A History of German Air Attacks on Scotland 1939-45 by Les Taylor (research for Garden Book)


Words written – 18,541

I tracked my word count consistently through the Writeometer app this week and found it incredibly encouraging for getting my work done.

I write in short 15-20 minute bursts via the Forest app timer (Writeometer has its own timer, but doesn’t allow for less than 25 mins, and I find my focus starts to waver at around the 18 min mark), and then I input the number of words from each small session into a log on Writeometer. It stores the logs and adds them together for a daily word count. I am seriously in love with this app — it’s made a huge difference for me this week. I can’t recommend it enough to all my author friends. Tracking your progress does wonders for motivation.

Still keeping my internet limited this week to 2 hours in the morning on the PC. The nuclear option on the StayFocusd add-on for Chrome does not mess around; at 11AM it cuts off whatever web page I was browsing, which is definitely a good thing or I’d never get off the internet. Email in Outlook is still accessible, which is excellent because an issue I had before this detox was that I never seemed to catch up on my messages.

Apps on my mobile phone are still limited to 15 minutes through AppDetox.

I’m OK to keep both of these time limits — it allows enough time for checking things, and I’m more purposeful about the time I spend online. No more falling down rabbit-holes on Wikipedia, reading the comments sections, or faffing about. All good things.

Still not going back to Twitter yet. It gives you 30 days before your account and username are completely wiped, so I plan on sticking it out until then. The lack of constant noise has been wonderful.

Until next week,