January Update!

I’m so happy with how the sticker reward system increased my writing output for January. This is entirely for the second draft (which is basically a rewrite) of The Falconer 2, and it’s looking a million times better than its rough 1st draft. But here’s how I did (1 sticker = 1 k words):


Just so you don’t have to count, that’s 60 stickers. 60,000 words, which is 10k more than you’d do during NaNoWriMo. To be fair, I was working alongside a draft that served as a phenomenal guide for my rewrite, and I’ve mentioned I’m much better at rewriting/revising than I am at composing the first draft.

Still, I tend to be quite slow at these things and January was phenomenally productive for me. I only missed 1 day of writing (the 13th, which has been taken over by the 20th’s balloon sticker, for very deliberate reasoning), because I was travelling all day via bus and came home too exhausted to write anything that I wouldn’t end up deleting later.

I’ve never had a month where I’ve written this consistently, every day (the aforementioned 13th day aside), with that much output. It’s been grand! So I’ll be continuing this into February. I doubt I’ll be as prolific, but even half this much would be an accomplishment for a slow writer like myself.


xx Elizabeth May