My New Goal: Taking One Day Each Week

Most people have personal experience with how distracting social media and the internet can be. It’s so easy to let it all get to you, to wake up every morning and have the first thing you do be to check the emails, check the texts, check favourite internet sites. In the world of writing, it can become really exhausting to have so much time defined by networking, working, participating in social media — and it can become a massive time suck.

Especially for a debut author. I’m going to be perfectly honest: books are stressful. Writing is stressful. Having a book out there — while glorious and wonderful in so many ways — is also really stressful. The industry is stressful.

And in all that anxiety-induced book and social media haze, it’s so easy to let our time with the people we love slip through our fingers. Mr. May has been incredibly supportive through what has been a particularly rough time for me: with the sequel writing, the dissertation, the book coming out. I feel like I’m constantly working, working, working. And he spends a great deal of day-time doing university work. We have nights where we cook together and go out to dinner, but I want to make sure we have more than a few hours where I’m not thinking about my job, and he’s not thinking about school.

Now that I’ve come up with goals for my writing, I’ve decided that my next goal should be for us. And that’s to have one day, every week, where Mr. May and I disconnect and spend the whole day together, entirely stress free. No answering the phone, no texting, no Twitter, no internet, no work, no writing. Just one day each week where neither of us have any obligations.

That day will be Fridays. So don’t expect to see me around. I’ll be out in the world having fun. 😀