On Finishing THE FALCONER 2

Last night, I typed “The End” on the first draft of The Falconer 2.

My first drafts are often very rough, very un-book-shaped, and The Falconer 2 is no exception.  It’s the 11th manuscript I’ve ever completed, and I tend to be a bit awed when finishing these things. Writing books is a difficult process, and writing first drafts are especially complicated. It seems no matter how extensively I outline, sometimes the scenes or characters I’ve planned for simply don’t work when I sit down and finally start writing. The result of my first drafts are messy sketches and notes where I plan to expand the scenes later in rewrites. It’s quite a chaotic process, but it’s the one that’s always worked for me.

Despite being par for the course as a rough draft, The Falconer 2 holds a special place as being the first sequel I’ve ever written. And after all the manuscripts I’ve completed that won’t see the light of day, I’m glad it’s these characters I get to write about again.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday, and a happy New Year’s!

xx Elizabeth May