THE FALCONER 2 is done done done!

…Well, done for now, before its many rounds of edits. But still, I turned it into my editors and they get to read it and I FINALLY get to sleep. Yesterday was the first day I hadn’t worked on this book in some capacity since December, which is nice because I got really, really tired of looking at it and every word started to look like it wasn’t even in English anymore.

So I’ve been getting a few questions:

Does it have a title? Yes. Well, I titled it. Hopefully I get to keep the title because I like it, but we’ll see. The Falconer 2 would be pretty anti-climactic.

What’s it about? SOON.

Is Kiaran in it? WHAT YOU DID THERE. I SEE IT. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, I mention him from time to time and yes, he’s in it.

When is it coming out? No idea. Like any book, it depends on how much editing it needs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the US gets it at the same time as the UK this time around, but I can’t guarantee that, either.

That’s all for now! <3

xx Elizabeth May