The Falconer 2, or: It’s Time to Retreat Off the Internet

Can I talk about The Falconer 2 a bit? I feel a bit strange mentioning it because even though I’m over 2 months post-release in the UK, the US still has 6 months to wait. And I don’t want to spoil things for you Americans, so I’ve largely been keeping mum on book 2 even though I’m deep up to my shoulders.

Without revealing (or spoiling) anything, I’ll just speak a little about my feelings while writing. I’ve had some of these scenes playing out in my mind since 2010, but it wasn’t until I had completed the large edits for The Falconer that I was finally able to truly consider the whole of it.  And it’s a very strange creature, book 2.

I had a lot of love for The Falconer because it was the first book I wrote where I thought my writing had finally become my own, a thing that had taken shape and form after so many years. I revelled in the enjoyment of it.

But book 2 is a largely different process. Not any less enjoyable, but different; a quieter delight. I think in many ways, I’m more attached to book 2. It’s been more challenging for me, more emotional. And that also makes it difficult, because getting in the mindset to write it means I have to put myself in a quiet, still place when I usually compose so well in chaos.

So, now that I’m reaching the end of book 2’s first draft, I need to quiet things down to finish it. It’s time for me to switch off the internet and concentrate on completing the rough manuscript so I have enough time to clean it up before it’s due to my editors.

With the exception of the occasional update, I probably won’t be out and about on Twitter or Facebook. Email responses may be sporadic.  I’m going to travel to a beautiful B&B near the banks of a loch in the Trossachs, and complete my book there.

See you on the other side, readers. 🙂


xx Elizabeth May